Turn the Power Up

by Frederik Olsen feat. Alchemy

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A vitriolic little number that remained a work-in-progress until Alchemy graciously accepted to contribute lyrics and vocals. Hopefully the first of many collaborations. Play it loudly.


Stare it down
Fasten it down
You know it’s right around
Hold it down
Keep it down
Make a sound
Right ‘till you hit the ground
Right there

Staring at
The lime and the acetate
You fall in and propagate
Discern and disseminate
You and your fate
Right now, right here

Your dripping fat
You know where it’s at
Drop of a hat
It’s right here
Set it down here
When it’s right there
Now leave it be
Right now

Kick in the chin
Paternal sin
Show your toothless grin
Shrink ‘till you’re thin
And losing ground
Get off, leave it in
Stick in a pin
Right now

The faceless heart is what you wanted us to see
Your faceless whore is who you wanted us to be
Our faceless scream is what we know you want to see
Your nameless grave is where you wanted us to be

We’re underdressed and under cover
Freeze - when it’s time to shake and shudder
Staring at your face, try to ignore disgrace
You know we’re all just cannon fodder
Shoot it off to space, send into orbit with a roar that makes you scream
The dust that billows in your lungs and sends you reeling in despair
You’re in a dream

Cover your ears and your mouth and your throat
And your face and your heart
And your self and your lies
And the truth you despise
Set it free when you see you set apart
Your effervescent gossamer soul
You don’t know when to stop, when to start
Free in your mind, shackled in your heart

You’re blind to see, you’re steering under their control
You’ll believe their lies when you just stop, drop and roll
We’re blind to see, when you just sit there and stare
Who’s gonna fly the ship when there’s no one up there


released March 17, 2014
Lyrics by Alchemy
Music by Frederik Olsen

Vocals: Alchemy
Programming, guitars: Frederik Olsen
Magnetiser Mayhem: PC-72

Recorded in 2010-2013
Mixed by Frederik Olsen and PC-72
Cover art designed by Frederik Olsen
Mastered by Audiolog

No animals were harmed during the making of this song. However, two cassette tapes were brutally violated. One of them was labeled "Det bäste från svensktoppen".

It had it coming.




Frederik Olsen Denmark

Electronic musician from Denmark. Works within a variety of genres.
Currently also plays guitar and synth in the group Tidal Force.


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